Do it for YOU & Only you !!! 

 When someone else in our lives tells us to do something we may do it however were not giving it all we have because we’re not doing it for ourselves. Starting a journey of health & fitness takes motivation and dedication which can only come from within!!! If you don’t want to get fit then your going to cheat on your meal plan and skip a workout & lets be real it’s not going to help us !!! When you start your challenge you have to tell your self ” IM DOING THIS FOR ME !!! ” The more you want it the harder you will push to get it !!!  


Who’s ready to tackle their fitness and health goals ? 

Most of us have fitness goals we are all trying to meet. Sometimes we feel as if they are out of reach. Nothing about yourself is ever out of reach, you can always succeed maybe you just need that extra push or guidance !!! I’m here for everyone that wants to get their body in the shape they want in 2016.  21 day fix is the most amazing program and has been helping me since day one !!!!

My story

Loosing weight and getting healthy !!! Before I had my son I was in extremely amazing shape, as I was still on active duty in the Army. After having my son it was so hard to shake the weight and go back to running and get back into shape. I tried working out like I would have in the army but since I got out the motivation is just not there. My best friend also had a baby and by the time I saw her after the baby she was back smaller than before the baby and I was shocked.. And also kind of jealous. She had been using this amazing fitness program that has a portion controlled diet and a shake along with a great work out and support community! I then quickly decided I was going to do the program she did and loose the weight and tone back up. That’s exactly what happened I lost 22 lbs. in about a month it was crazy to me. I struggled for so long and to see myself making almost all my progress in a month was amazing and something I didn’t believe could happen. After doing the program for awhile I decided that I wanted to be a coach. I am now a BeachBody coach and I am so passionate in helping everyone who wants to loose weight or tone their bodies. If you can relate to the problem please send me an email at so i can talk to you about your fitness goals, problems,concerns, questions.