Let’s get serious !!!

So over the past two months I’ve done two rounds of the 21 day fix !!!! I’ve dropped 29lbs and fitting in my pre baby clothes back to the shape I was in while I was in the army !!! I’m loving it ! I’ve decided now that I want to kick it up a notch and start a new program not giving up the one I’m already doing just adding a second program !!! CIZE or hammer & chisel ? That I have not decided yet! CIZE is more cardio and H&C more muscle building and toning !!! I’m leaning twords the muscle building but who wants to give up a fun dance cardio program maybe I’ll have to add both !!! 

I started a new Challege group for the 21 day fix and CIZE this week were still in week 0 and have time for new challegers still!!! So let’s go get fit guys and get some amazing support and motivation along the way !!! 
Comment for more info !!!  



Super motivated today !!!

So today has been so motivating for me !!! 

cleaned the house βœ…

Meal prep done βœ…

Long walk with baby and the dog βœ…

Worked out twice βœ…

Also created a new challenge group for the new round of 21 day fix !!! 

Saturday is coming !!!!!

I can’t wait until Saturday gets here so we can go get our new pure breed German Shepard !!!! Got him everything he needs now all were waiting for is him! We’re naming him Tyson :)) I wish I didn’t have to drive 3.5 hours each way to pick him up but I guess that’s the price I have to pay (plus the real price $600 😩) worth it though he’s so cute !!!!  He’s going to be my new running buddy !!! Hell probably pull me half the way but it’s okay just until he’s done with German Shepard school and no more pulling πŸ˜‚πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ˜


Work a little or a lot from HOME !!!!Β 

So as this month is rolling to the end I still have 2 open spots for new coaches to join !!! This opportunity changed my life because I got to stay home with my son but still work and get in shape !!! It’s great if you just want a little extra cash or if you hate your job and want to build your own success to where you can work from home and tell that boss you hate GOODBYE !!! I would love to help you get yourself to that point !!!! Comment and let me know if any of you want more details on being your own BOSS !   

30 Miniutes a dayΒ 

I would think someone was crazy if they told me they only worked out 30 minutes a day. Well that was last year this year I have been working out 30 minutes a day and have lost 22 lbs in a little over a month. This is all owed to my 21 day fix extreme program !!! Most people don’t think it works because it sounds crazy but the portion controlled food my super food shakeology and workout I’m getting toned back to how I was when I was 18:) I swore by it so much I became a coach to help other people on their journey to become healthier and happier in life.  I’m signing up 4 new coaches in the next month if any of you want to start on your health jouney and build a business to work from home !!!!