Super motivated today !!!

So today has been so motivating for me !!! 

cleaned the house ✅

Meal prep done ✅

Long walk with baby and the dog ✅

Worked out twice ✅

Also created a new challenge group for the new round of 21 day fix !!! 


Mommy & ME Fitness !!!! 

On Friday my friend Ashley and I are running a Mommy & Me Fitness event on Facebook !!! We will be sharing videos of how to workout using your baby and lots of other stuff !!This is such an amazing thing because it is an amazing bonding experience for you and your little one but at the same time beneficial to you and your own health and fitness !!!! 

We have done this a few times and it’s great to connect with other moms in the group and I’ve made some great friends & who doesn’t like more mommy friends !!!  

Please comment or add me on Facebook it’s Brieyana Santana or email me at if you are interested in being a part of this amazing event !!!  


Cafe latté

I’m so excited today because my café latté shakeology came and I have been waiting a month for it !!! It literally tastes like a cup of coffee and who doesn’t like coffee ?! Well while it taste good it’s also giving me all my daily vitamins, protein, and natural energy for my busy day !!! On top of that makes me not want to eat the chocolate cake in the fridge lol ! I’m loving and enjoying being a happier and healthier me and skinner too !!! The 21 day fix is also a part of me being slim again & I’m so happy about it because I was feeling so self conscious about myself before this journey !! 

If anyone wants to talk about their own health and fitness and goals please reach out to me I would love to help you through some ways in which you can achieve your own personal success !!!  


Do it for YOU & Only you !!! 

 When someone else in our lives tells us to do something we may do it however were not giving it all we have because we’re not doing it for ourselves. Starting a journey of health & fitness takes motivation and dedication which can only come from within!!! If you don’t want to get fit then your going to cheat on your meal plan and skip a workout & lets be real it’s not going to help us !!! When you start your challenge you have to tell your self ” IM DOING THIS FOR ME !!! ” The more you want it the harder you will push to get it !!!  

Vegan choices !!!

So a lot of people that are vegan turn themselves away from diet programs and workout programs because they have to alter the meal plans to much so I’ve heard from quite a few people !!! So many people have been like WOW I didn’t know that they had a specialized plan just for vegan that’s awesome send me the info !!! I just want to share this with all of you so that you know even if your choice is to be vegan you can still workout and be on an amazing program with so much support !!!!  Let me know if you guys have questions or are interested Promo January is almost over !!!! 


Work a little or a lot from HOME !!!! 

So as this month is rolling to the end I still have 2 open spots for new coaches to join !!! This opportunity changed my life because I got to stay home with my son but still work and get in shape !!! It’s great if you just want a little extra cash or if you hate your job and want to build your own success to where you can work from home and tell that boss you hate GOODBYE !!! I would love to help you get yourself to that point !!!! Comment and let me know if any of you want more details on being your own BOSS !   

This years motivation!!!!!

This year is such a big year for me I have so much going on, IM Moving !!!, Antonio is turning 1, I’m getting a puppy, but most importantly I’m getting healthy and fit !!! Most of you know that I was always skinny in life and could eat whatever I wanted after I had Antonio that all changed I was 200 lbs. I lost a lot of it from just life but I was stuck at 160lbs and it wouldn’t budge!!!! In the past 9 days I have taken that 160 and made it 148lbs!!!! The number is only going to keep dropping but the most important thing is that I feel better about myself and I’m healthy not eating chips ahoys anymore lol 😂 I am so passionate about this program and want to help everyone that is ready to embark on their own journey to getting the best version of them back !!!